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Is their a way to load FrontPage 2000 upgrade without having a previous version of FrontPage? I know their is a way to load Win95 & 98 upgrade without a previous version by creating and saving a couple of files (win32.exe etc...).
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adumithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had somes years working with FrontPage and when I upgraded it I had to install first Frontpage 98 then I could upgrad Frontpage 2000.
But when I got Office 200, I didn´t had to do it, I could install FrontPage 2000 without have FrontPage 98.
In fact if you don´t want to buy Office 2000 and you just want upgraded to FrontPage 2000, you must have FrontPage 98.

I fought with the same problem.  I had to install FrontPage 98 and then install FrontPage 2000 over the top of it!  It was a pain.

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There is a way to do this by changing the first numbers of the CD ID but as this is technically illegal I don't think this sort of answer is acceptable on EE !!
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