Need a start on images in animation

I'd like to make a flash movie where a bunch of logos cross the screen from a baseball league.  I am having a hard time figuring out where to start and would love a start, maybe some source.
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SuperMarioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Both logos must be on different layers.

And to make it come from offscreen, you need to make your movie 100% in the HTML and start the animation from outside the movie.
Do you mean like simply gliding logos from one place to another?

Here's a couple tweening guidelines:

1) Insert a keyframe. Put your logo in it.

2) Right click the keyframe, and choose Create Motion Tween.

3) Several frames down, insert another keyframe. Move the object where you want it to appear. The first frame is point A. The second point is point B. The object moves from... point A to point B.

Only one logo can be animated per layer.

treyjeffAuthor Commented:
i want the logos to come from off screen but don't know how to do that.  Also, when I make my second keyframe, the first one changes as well.
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