virtual memory

Will enabling more virtual memory give me more RAM? If it does then does it make a big difference and how much would you suggest I get?

System: AMDK6-2 300mhz processor with 3dnow!
64mb RAM
4.3 gb Harddrive
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No, only buying more RAM will get you more RAM.

The virtual memory or VM is part of your hard drive set aside by Windows to use as an extension of RAM.  Hence, virtual memory.  It's a good thing and allows you to run many more programs that you have RAM for.  The drawback is that it's about 1,000,000 times SLOWER than your RAM (that's about 100mS disk access time/70nS RAM access time).  

The net result is that if you get a program using VM as it's primary storage you enter into a situation called "thrashing" where the disk is busily swapping blocks into and out of memory and basically nothing useful gets done.

If you have a particular situation where your system is running out of VM and is reporting that (Win98 will), make the VM size larger than the default.  In general, however, you will end up slowing things down as there is still no more "real" memory.

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