Two HP printers don't print alike?

We have a networked HP Laserjet IIIsi that we have been using for most of our output for about 2 years now.  Recently, we have replaced it with a networked HP 8000N laser printer.  

With the old printer, we have forms in Excel that printed 16 columns to the page, on the new printer, the exact same forms wrap the final column to a new page.  If I manually set the page break after the last column, it works, however this has to be done to each sheet.  We get somewhere in the range of 200 to 300 of these forms per week, so the users in question don't wish to manually set up each and every form before printing.

Further information:  This happens to every PC that tries to print to it.  Not just a single user.  Where/how can I set this printer up to output with the correct page settings?
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morguiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, J_Lance,

We had similar problem in our company when we replaced HP1600C with HP2000C.
Our problem were the margins.

We had had the same problem before with other printers, so what we did first was to reconfigure the margin properties of the printers (once it worked).
Try this, maybe this is your solution.

But this doesn't worked in our HP2000C printers. So we asked HP.
An HP technician from Holland called us and he sent us a new beta driver for that printer. And it worked fine!!!
Some weeks later, we went to and the release version of that beta driver was online, so we downloaded it.

You must know that, some times, the drivers they give you with the printer are not perfect enough for your needs.
So go to HP web site and look for a newer version of that driver. And if you don't find that, contact HP support and ask them for a solution.

Hope this will help you.
J_LanceAuthor Commented:
HP indicated that the driver revision that I was currently using was the most up-to-date drivers they had to offer.

I did finally, however, resolve the problem.  Your mention of drivers led me to realize that I could simply print to the new printer using the old printer's drivers.  This worked.  Thank you for the help. :)
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