VB 6.0 - WordWheel required

Hello there,

could anyone help me with some VB 6 code
for a wordwheel. eg. I need to be able to check for names in a list, where the highlight will jump to the first matching name in alphabetical order ...

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"HOWTO: Search a ListBox Control Quickly"


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for this example create a form:
- and add 1 TextBox (named: s_box) ... search box
- and add 1 ListBox  (named: Dictionary) ... where all your names will reside (populate this from a DB)

in your code : General/Declarations paste the following code:

========> cut here <==============

Private Sub s_box_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)

Dim cntr1 As Integer 'counter 1
Dim cntr2 As Integer 'counter 2
Dim n_str As String 'new string

' perform the search
n_str = s_box.Text
For cntr1 = 0 To Dictionary.ListCount - 1)
If Len(n_str) <= Len(Dictionary.List(cntr1)) Then
If UCase(Left(n_str, Len(n_str))) = _
            UCase(Left(Dictionary.List(cntr1), Len(n_str))) And _
Len(n_str) <> 0 Then
  Dictionary.Selected(cntr1) = True
  cntr1 = Dictionary.ListCount - 1
End If
If cntr1 < Dictionary.ListCount - 1 Then
   cntr1 = cntr1 + 1
End If
End If
Next cntr1

End Sub

========> cut here <==============

Hope this helps,
jarrod100Author Commented:
10x guys,

   both codes seem to work fine:
    - Erick37s' code is shorter :)
    - runner75's code helps me
      understand how the search
      is accomplished.

   you both deserve 100 points,
   however this time Erick37 was
   first :)

10x Erick37

Glad to help.  Thanks.
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