Cleaning/Disinfecting Keyboards & Mice

At the risk of seeming paranoid over germs, I ask the following query:

As a teacher in a computer lab for grade school kids, I would like to find some easy way to clean the keys on the keyboards and the mice periodically, to deter the spread of colds and flu etc.  Anyone know of any product out there that will at least disinfect these?  I don't want to take q-tips and swab every key on every kb at every workstation... I'm not that obsessive-compulsive!!!

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DassaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of the places I have worked used the same alcohol based cleaning agent that is used to clean telephones.  Ask the caretaker at the school, I am sure they would be able to suggest a locally available product.
You can buy compressed air in cans for keeping them dust free or a small hand held vacuum(but be careful too powerful can eat keys! )
Also the safest solution is alcohol.
It evaporate quickly and won't effect anything if it gets into the keyboard or mouse. It won't 100% disinfect butit will help
Compressed air works better than vacuums, the vacuums aren't powerful enough normally, and the powerful ones cost big $$.  Use the air to blow off the dust and junk.  

Another option is those clear soft plastic covers.  They make ones now which are very soft and you can type over it with the cover on.  Its a minor annoyance, but no more annoying than a cold.  Once the student is though using it, you take off the dirty one and put on a clean one, and then you use some disenfectant spray stuff and spray the dirty one, wipe it off, and its ready for use again.  You'd just buy two extras for the "In use" pool.  Thats a kinda extreme step, but for younger kids it might be the best bet.  Especially if the kids ever bring food or drink into the lab.
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Or, even better!  Make the computer lab a "Clean room" and make the kids wear clean suits when they go in and out.  Have a hot steam shower at the front door and a little air lock.  The kids would LOVE it, it'd be like buck rogers.

I know, but i had to suggest it.  ;)
I thought this was a wind up about computer viruses :-)

I am sure that by far the major method of transmission of diseases such as colds and flu is by droplet infection, are you going to put the little darlings in gas masks or something?

I'd just put the rubber covers on and wipe them over once in a while just to keep the grubbiness down. Unless you are already sterilising door handles, chairs, tables, shared text books, walls etc on an hourly basis.
No sense keeping children too clean, they'll get out in that wide world some day with that underexercised immune system and die of diorreah the first time they eat in a "greasy spoon".  :-)

Sounds like a nice idea, but you're going to have to clean them / replace the covers after every use; Germs will be a risk for a few hours, then die off anyway.

I would have thought a single wipe over the top of the keys with a cloth dampened in an alchohol based agent would do the trick. Hopefully not many kids will be taking your keyboards & mice apart to see what's fallen down the cracks...
loinclothAuthor Commented:
I had to hurry up and choose an answer to avoid further humiliation (hehe). Actually, I think this is a great idea, and thanks.
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