power surge protection

according to surge manufacturers, salesmen, and "dummies" books and "bible" books on computers, 300-360 joules is enough to protect a personal computer, but nothing could protect against lightning.

But some manufacturers maintain that their 1500 to 2500 joule UPS battery surge protectors can protect against lightning. Is that true?
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""According to a primer on lightning by NASA scientists Hugh Christian and Melanie McCook (1), a lightning strike has a peak power of about one million megawatts (MW), or an average over the duration of the strike of about 500,000 MW.""

Since Watts=Joules per second,  so then if the lightning strike is direct or nearby and takes even as short a time as a fifth of a second that is still at least 100,000 MegaJoules, or only about 5 powers of 10 over the capacity of that thar UPS :-/ so go figure.


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The statement that nothing can protect against lightening is slightly erroneous however, since if you put your PC with an independant power source in a faraday cage (a big screened enclosure) then provided you had no external connections, it would be safe, maybe you'd want a modulated laser uplink to your isp tho' :-)
For maximum protection I would go with a Line Interactive UPS.  A brand that is affordable yet high quality is the Opti-UPS.  We run the models 280ES and 420ES here and they are nice units backed by good warranty.  PC Connection carries the units if you want a closer look or go to their web site : http://www.opti-ups.com

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