Remote devices?

I have two linux boxes on a LAN in my apartment.  Is there a way that one of them can access the serial and sound devices of the other (ie: redirect audio from computer1 through the sound card of the computer2 or use let computer1 use a device plugged into the computer2's serial port).  Can this be done through NFS mounting or is there another way it could be done?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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NFS is only designed to operate with block files. The issue is the difference between the way device files operate on UNIX and PC (DOS, OS/2, NT) environments.  In the PC systems the device file is the device, so if a network shares the device file then it shares the device.  However in UNIX the device file has a single purpose - to tell the kernel the major/minor ID numbers of the device driver.  Than after the device file is opened the kernel performs all operations on the local device driver that has registered those numbers.

You could write a lightweight server using sockets interface that will allow the mentioned operations to be performed on the remote machine and the results passed back to the client or...

There are some servers like this already written. Check out:

EsounD -- The Enlightened Sound Daemon


Network Audio System (NAS)



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