I recently installed RedHat Linux 6.0 on a seperate partition (with Win 98) on my Packard Bell.  I've used about every config tool avaliable to set up an ISP account with my provider.  The closest I've been to gettin on is the message (Sorry, The Modem Isn't responding).  None of my manuals, Man help, online research have addressed this statement.
   In short, how do I set up Linux to connect with my ISP for Web serfing and email?  I Swear, I've followd the manual (and spent 10 hours since Friday) trying to make it happen.

   I've tried via command lines,  Gnome, KDE and RedHat tools.
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You'll have to let us know what type of modem you have.  If it's a winmodem you won't get it to work since this modem uses windows software to emulate the hardware.  Usually this is the most common problem.  If it's not a winmodem make sure you have the right com port specified. Best bet is to use Kppp and set up a new account.  Don't forget to go to the modem section and specify which dev it is.
eg. com1 --> ttySo
    com2 --> ttyS1 etc.
Hope this helps you out.
you have got a winmodem and it will never work under linux.

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