I have a large mistake,I use ghost from disk2 to disk1,but the real is disk1 to disk2,so now disk1's files have lost,can i recover the disk1's files?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
vagg, You may try to download a trial version of Lost and found and inspect your drive 1 whether some files may be recovered or not.

Go to this web site
There is a demo version. You can download it and extract it.
You can install it on a floppy according to the instruction and run to inspect your problematic hard disk thoroughly. The green light it was showing are those deleted files which are safe for recovery.
This version will only show you what files it can recover.  To actually recover the files, you will have to purchase the full version.
Vagg, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ghost, like Drive Image, removes the old partition, creates a new one and then moves the files. If it were just a matter of copying the files over the top, that would be easier, but one the partition is removed and replaced and then files written to the drive, your out of luck. Sorry!

Well most likely you have lost everything.  Ghost will recreate the partition which is much more destructive then deleting files or overwriting them.  

There may be a possibility however (although very slim)  and it depends on how bad you want the information back.  There is a company in Minnesota called OnTrack.  They can do data recovery in an amazing number of situations.  I have seen them recover information from hard drives that have completely failed mechanically.  They also can do recoveries from hard drives that have been overwritten.  They are often called upon by law enforcement to recover data from hard drives that the people tryed to get rid of even using diskscrubbing utilities.  These guys are rocket scientists bar none.  The bad news about this is that it is VERY expensive.  The last time I used thier services for a client it was well over $1000.00 and that was several years ago.  

Like I said .... it depends on how bad you need the data back and what it would cost you to recreate it.

Other then that there is no utility that I am aware of that will get info back from a repartitioned drive.
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NO ghost copletely erased them not even a Data salvaging company could get em back for ya

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Vagg, please reject sdland1 proposed answer.

This newly joint expert has speculated over and locked for lots of questions within several hours in win98 topic area.

sdland1, It would be nice if you withdraw your proposed answer into a comment.

sland1,, your are new to this site, and with that, Welcome. However, unlike newsgroups and Usenets, we observe a protocol or policy at this site with which you should become familiar. Experts do not post proposed answers that are incomplete or that are speculative, nor do they post proposed answers that incorporate the comments of others that have preceded you. Since questioners can accept comments as answers, it is beneficial to the questioner that speculative answers be posted as comments, especially when the issue involves further troubleshooting.
Based upon what you have done across this entire site, I will do everything in my power to have you removed.
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