HELP!!! very strange error!


 just now i am running my program, i just changed a number from 2 to 6, then i close it. but when i wnat to compile it again, it cannot work! the error is:

 D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (25): error RC2144 : PRIMARY LANGUAGE ID not a number
 D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (74): error RC2135 : file not found: 128
 D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (94): error RC2104 : undefined keyword or key name: ID_FILE_NEW

 i did not change any resource item.
 what is wrong??? i can not compile now! pls help me!
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move the "EyeSys.rc" somewhere safe,
but out of your project area, then
"rebuild all" to force its re-creation.
Should work.

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greenbirdAuthor Commented:

But if i move it somewhere else, it says
Build : warning : failed to (or don't know how to) build 'D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc'
Compiling resources...
RC : fatal error RC1110 : could not open D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc
Error executing rc.exe.

so how?
Hmmmm..... I think I did this once.
OK, I think you should put back the
*.rc file, but try removing the
Debug/*.res file.  It will get re-built
from the *.rc file, and perhaps your
project will get happy again....
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greenbirdAuthor Commented:

did not work! i remember that just now after i run my program, it says: stdafx.cpp modified outside, woould u like to reload it? i said no, so now teh stdafx.cpp file is:
// stdafx.cpp : source file that includes just the standard includes
//      EyeSys.pch will be the pre-compiled header
//      stdafx.obj will contain the pre-compiled type information

#include "stdafx.h"

is it the cause of the error?
thanks alot!
Hi greenbird !!
  Can u please tell me what number u changed from 2 to 6 could u be a bit clear ?
greenbirdAuthor Commented:
Hi, akalmani,

the number is just in a function:
// change from 2 to 6
for (int i=0;i<=6;i++)

the problem is that i always got the error:
D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (25): error RC2144 : PRIMARY LANGUAGE ID not a number
                       D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (74): error RC2135 : file not found: 128
                       D:\sp\EyeSys\EyeSys.rc (94): error RC2104 : undefined keyword or key name: ID_FILE_NEW

really cna not figure it out, pls help!
can not compile it! :(((
any idea?
greenbirdAuthor Commented:
Hi, all,
finally find that all the headfiles in the vc98 directory are 0 byte after i run my program. do not know why, have to reinstall it. is it kind of virus?
anyway thanks for ur help!
have a nice day!
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