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Configuring Samba

How to configure Samba so as to make the linux server act as the domain controller for windows network?

I use RedHad 6.2 with Samba 2.0. In the samba configuring file, even if set domain = 'yes', all the NT Workstations recognises it as a Workgroup. How to overcome this ?
1 Solution
And you have read all the docs?

http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/ntdom_faq/samba_ntdom_faq.txt for instance?
The reason why you can't get this to work is that even as of 2.0 the Samba NT Domain Controller Code is unfinished.  There are some experimental options you can find in "man smb.conf" and you can also subscribe to the mailing list Samba-ntdom by sending email to listproc@samba.org, but this is EXPERIMENTAL.
None of the distributed versions of Samba (2.0.x) can be a Primary Domain Controller (PDC). The distributed versions can authenticate against an existing NT domain, that being the purpose of the "domain" directive.

The "developmental" version of Samba that will become the next release does have the ability to be a PDC. The source code tree is available from www.samab.org via anon CVS. I've been using various snapshots of it since early Dec without any significant problems... But it is code under active development and it may or may not work well in your environment.

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