basic doubts

1. Can i programmatically set a screen saver as the default screen saver? (In windows i can do that through accessing the registry)

2. What is the equivalent of registry in mac?Registry is a system database in windows through which we can set all system level configurations.

3. What are the setting features available with screen saver. Like idle time and password protection

4. IS web browser control or macromedia flash viewer control availabel for macintosh platform? If not any other viewer controls(capable of displaying .html,.gif,.bmp files)
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1.) Yes and No. Since the Macintosh has no default screen saver, all you have to do is that your screensaver will be executed at startup (a own control panel, ...)
2.) The preferences directory in the system folder are a little bit equivalent to the registry.

3.) There is no standard screen saver so there are no settings.

4.) YES.
vaskarthikAuthor Commented:
The information is not enough
What more info to you need?
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I've answered questions 1 and 2 in < >, which is locked waiting for you to respond to the answer.  You are going to have a hard time getting people to help you if you don't accept / reject / or comment on the answers people give to your quesitons.
And you told the same as I for 1 and 2)
1.) No standard screensaver. Own application
2.) No registry, only the preferences folder can be used like a registry.
Yeah he's answered it and the answers are correct. It's not his fault if you didn't ask the right question.

Pls tell us what more info do you need !!!

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