Using SQL in RPG/400

I've been reading the AS/400 manulas and it tells me I can use such things as

      C/EXEC SQL                                                    
      C+ UPDATE CAMBPPAA                                            
      C+ SET BPABAL = 1.0 WHERE ABAL > 5                            

in my RPG.

The RPG compiler won't accept this and the SEU complains as well.
In short it doesn't work (at all).  

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An alternative for you may be to run SQL from the controlling CL program, either before or after ( or instead of ? ) the call to your RPG.

In the CL program, use
runsqlstm srcfile(lib/qsqlsrc) mbr(sample) commit(*none)

Member sample in file lib/qsqlsrc is the SQL statement, below,

Update fileA
 set field1 = (field2+100)
 where field1 < field2;
Update fileA
 set field2 = 0
 where field2 = (field1-100);

Repeat as required...

Sorry I can't test your RPG code until we recieve delivery of our new AS400 with RPG/400 and SQL installed.

deightonprogAuthor Commented:
I'm looking to embed it in RPG.  I know its possible 'cos its in the online manuals.

I assume you are trying to edit & compile via PDM (STRPDM or WRKMBRPDM)

The source type must be SQLRPG.

OR There is a different type for RPG ILE SQL (If you use the STRSEU command you can prompt for the different type in the source type field.)

The command to create an SQL RPG program is again different. Not CRTRPGPGM but CRTSQLRPG (or CRTRPGSQL I get them the wrong way round sometimes)Again ILE has a different type.

The Source editor will support valid SQL statements if the source type is correct and will even allow you to Prompt to syntax check the SQL statements.

If your source types were RPG or RPG38 or RPGLE then the compile would fail as it require an SQL precompiler. Remember when compiling AS400 SQL to revise the COMMIT parameter otherwise you'll get screwy error messages when you run it.

One last point - the above assumes that you have purchased and installed the relevant licensed products from IBM within your version of OS/400.

One furtehr point to bear in mind is such issues as Whenever and declare clauses.

Please refer to your manuals.  



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