Limit mail size

Somebody know to limit a mail (not the mail file).
Some users send attachment (more or less 3 Mb). I want to limit that (in Notes mail and SMTP mail)
Thank you
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At a previous employer, they limited the size of mail memos (or attachments) by modifying the mail template.  I don't know the details, but at some point before the mail was sent they did a test of the size of any attachments and displayed a message if any of them were too large.
Both the R4x SMTP MTA and R5 Native router allow you to control outbound message sizes at the server config layer (w/out modifying mail templates or writing an unauthorized agent for the

For the R4 SMTP MTA, you will find the field "Maximum Outbound Msg Size" on the server document under the Internet Mail (SMTP) section.  A setting of zero (the default) indicates "unlimited" and any other value is interpreted as the size in kilobytes.

For the R5 Native router, this setting has moved to the Configuration document under the tabs: Router/SMTP > Restrictions and Controls > Restrictions.   Again the default value is zero (indicating unlimited) and setting is in kb.

Although I haven't tested it, the R5 method should be effective for both Notes and SMTP outbound mail.

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rfharris' answer is obviously better than mine.  Besides, that's probably *how* my previous employer enforced the limit anyway.
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