ActiveX and ASP in linux

I have a project made of ASP on server and ActiveX on clients.
My customers want to use linux environment for both server and client.
I never used Linux so this will be very basic question. Please bear with me.
Does Linux support ActiveX and ASP?
Does Linux run IE?
What is the best advice to port my existing code (C++, ActiveX and ASP) to linux?

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The short answer is: no. Linux does not support ASP or ActiveX. There are some companies creating DCOM and COM libraries for Linux, but I have no knowledge about a working solution. For ASP, it depends a lot of the language you use. I haven't seen any VBScript interpreter, and if you use some Windows components, they certainly won't work.

There are some translators that convert ASP to e.g. PHP or some other language, but I would not suggest using them.

IE is not available for Linux either. And I think it would be quite difficult to try to get ActiveX to work with Netscape in Linux.
There was an excellent posting on this topic on comp.os.linux.networking a little ways back. The short answer is "yes", but the long answer is "try out the free evaluations because I bet there's no guarantee." Check out for this good summary:[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=568168417&CONTEXT=948937653.1223294980&hitnum=27

You can also take a look at freeware/opensource initiatives that do not seem as mature:

Also, IE does not run under linux and emulators (namely WINE) do not seem to be able to make it happen although they are getting closer.
They have ported to HP and Solaris so far, (see so this improves the hopes of porting to Linux. However, given that Linux is seen as a competitor to NT in the entry-level server market, they might not be so hospitable :) I have no idea how they'd do OLE/ActiveX embedded in documents - I doubt they do but I could be wrong.



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