Disabling call waiting in Win 98

I want to disable call waiting from within my dialup connection.  I have set the proper sequence up in the dialing properties but when it dials, I get a voice saying that call waiting has been disabled and it ignores the dialing string.  Is there a way to get it to hang up the line after disabling the call waiting, then pick it up again before it sends the phone number to be called?
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When you try to disable call waiting using a regular phone, do you get a dial tone after the "call waiting is disabled" message?  If so, you can add embed "w"'s in your dial string to delay the dialing of the number... For instance:


Hope this helps.
By the way, the above dial string assumes you enter "*70" to disable call waiting.  It may vary depending on your phone company.
cquinnAuthor Commented:
No - I just get a recorded message saying "Call waiting has been disabled" which repeats until you hang up
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So, use '*70,,H,,,DTxxx-yyyy' to:

1. cancel call-waiting;
2. wait 4 seconds;
3. hang-up;
4. wait 6 seconds;
5. tone-dial 'xxx-yyyy'

in the "extra-settings" setup for the modem.

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I would look at this another way:

1st, there is a proper way to do this and from what you've described, you have.  Let's make sure.
1)  double click on My Computer
2)  double click on Control Panel
3)  double click Modems
4)  click on Dialing Properties
5)  Make sure there is a check next to "to disable call waiting dial" and make sure the proper number for your phone company is entered to the right

Now, if it is all correct and it's still not working, there is a problem.  This problem could be due to a wide variety of things.  I would try updating the modem driver first but the problem could also be in windows itself.  

Did this function ever work for you?
cquinnAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Otta - this looks just like what I need!
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