pass char string from VB6 to VC6 dll?

Finally I can call VC6.0 dll function from VB6.0
I can send and get numerical data to dll.
But for char string data, it always fail.
Any one can give the samples for that?

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No time to Program, I think your parameter's type Must be BSTR
Declare the String as BSTR in the exported function in VC++. In vb, when you define the function, string variables should be declared ByVal.
In your C++ funtion you should be able to explicitly type-cast the BSTR to LPCTSTR (or LPTSTR). From then on you should be OK...
ginaaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't say clear enough.
1. I used VC environment but I just write C program, not use MFC.
2. I declare in dll function use (char *) and I write another C program link with this dll. The string transfer is OK.
3. I got compile error : undeclared identifier for BSTR, LPTSTR.....
So, I miss anything?
Can you answer me again

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Ok. Don't declare as BSTR. It should work if you declare the variable in your c-dll as LPSTR (or char* if your using win95/98/nt).
But in VB you must Declare the the string variable ByVal in the header if the imported function i.e.

Declare Function MyFunc lib "MyLib.dll" (ByVal sMyStringValue as String) as long


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DLL Created Function in Visual C/C++:

#define NOMANGLE

long NOMANGLE _stdcall OpenTIFF(HWND hWnd, char *FileName);

VB Version of the Function Call:

Declare Function OpenTIFF Lib "MSIHead" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal TIFFFilename As String) As Long
ginaaAuthor Commented:
It's OK now,   LPSTR still undeclared identifier.
But char* is OK.

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