Avoiding Uploading Dependant Files

The FTP client part of Dreamweaver seems to be particularly inefficient at being an FTP client.  I'd like to stop DW from continually transferring all of the files that a particular HTML file uses, graphics etc.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  
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Michel021497Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, not in the registry, just in your preferences.
You can get all messageboxes on or off in the preferences.
This in done in the option Site FTP.
There are two checkboxes to set:
Prompt on get /check out and
Prompt on put/check in

You can set them both or just one of them, just what you like.

This works in both DW2 and DW3.

Normally Dreamweaver ask you to upload independent files or not.
jargeAuthor Commented:
Well I suppose I might have clicked on something like this in the past.  It would be nice to go back and disable this for now.

Any ideas on how?  Registry?
In DW 3, Edit>Preferences>Site FTP.  Dependent files area, check Prompt on Put/Check In.
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