Bios Setup messed up and now printer wont work

I cant get my printer working since I rested my system setup. I think that the system setting are a bit messed up
233mmx, 64mb ram ,okidata ml 182 turbo,ami bios.
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Hi Doinky,

This is easy enough to fix, but I don't want you to go making a whole ton of changes at one time because I can't tell what you changed, so I'll walk you through the clearing process.

1. Find you manual for the motherboard if you have one and look for a set of jumper pins marked for clearing the CMOS setup. If you don't have a manual, tell me the make and model of the board and I'll try and find it. Obviously it would be easier if you had yours in front of you.

2. Once you have identified the jupers to clear the CMOS, shut the PC down and unplug the power cord as the CMOS won't clear with any power available. Open the case, find the jumpers and move it to the clear setting and leave it there for a 10 count and then return it to the default location.

3. Reattach the power cable and the start the PC and then touch either the F1 key or touch the DEL key to boot into the Bios setup.

4. Now find the section on setting the bios default or optimal settings. Some boards have an optimal as well as default, while others just a default. Choose whichever your board supports.

5. Now make sure that the date, time and drive selections are correct and then save the bios settings and boot into windows.

6. Now test the system and let me know.


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doinkyAuthor Commented:
I found that when I had some ram instaled they pluged the printer port on the mother board upside down I pluged it corectly and it now works.
Great, glad to here your back up!
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