WIN98/LINUX Dual boot

I loaded LINUX on my WIN98 computer.  Now I can't figure out how to get to windows. It boots directly into LINUX.  I want to set it up so that I have the option to go into either os.  What do I do?
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finikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you see LILO on the screen, press TAB.
You will see an option of "wind" or "windows", so you can write it and
get into windows.
Anyway, it would be a good idea to read some mini-HOWTO's
abouth multibooting. In RH they are located in:
There is a Multiboot, NT+Linux, 95(98)+Linux..etc.
BadelicaAuthor Commented:
The information got be back into windows.  Thank you!!  But I can't find the help file mentioned so I still don't know how to set up my computer to give me an option to enter either OS.  But, THANK YOU for getting me back in windows!  That's a start!!!

I think you have over write your MBR (master boot record) of your harddisk. So you will straight boot with linux... No Solution to solve ... What you can do is Reinstall Win98 to rewrite the MBR of your harddisk so it can boot with Win98...So watch out when you install Linux next time... Remember, You have to install LILO to make it be dual boot system...
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