install shield and DAO engine

hi, anyone try to install DAO with install shield (delphi5) ?

how can i do it ?

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this depends on your version.
If you have for example
something over installshield express 2.10
(not specific for D5)
you can doawload on their site an
update to 2.12 and an add-on for the ADO
This is working well for me.
look on

Installshield Express 2.12 is not recommended for delphi 5.0.  You must upgrade to Installshield Express 2.13 which is currently available as a beta from Installshield.  (You'll have to contact Installshield).

I can't tell from your question if you purchased Installshield Express from Installshield or if your using the free version provided with Delphi 5 which doesn't have any way to install DAO.
(You need to buy the full version 2.12 and then upgrade to the beta 2.13).

in fact for using 2.12 with D5 I'm
using a trick :
make your install with ixs express for D5
and load the project in 2.12
All the good bde files will be there...

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asiAuthor Commented:
what is ixs express  ?
jeurk : i need DAO not BDE ?

any way to do it without Install shield ?
ixs : install shield express ;)
for D5

It will be hard without installshield.
Do you have installshield pro ?

But I think in the redist.txt file you should find
infos on that. I think that If you dist
the DAO install that gives out microsoft it should be
ok. But You will have a lot of conf to do after that.
Maybe not that much. I don't know.

the ugly way to install dao:

Run dcom95.exe or dcom98.exe reboot then run mdac_typ.exe.   This would setup DAO.  These files are available from microsoft: 

I always provide these files with my installs (and instructions for using) just in case installshield doesn't install the DAO or ODBC correctly.  

1.isx for delphi does not provide a easy way to install dao(and ado odbc oledb stuff).

2.use installsheilder profasional, you could do so with a templete.

3.of cause as I recommanded you could try wise install master.

4.simply download and run microsoft's stuff(perhaps named MDAC).

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