6300C - USB connection trouble

I have a "custom" PC, Win 98, 350 mhz, 64 MB RAM. I had to install a PCI USB card as the box did not already have one. After install of the USB card, it appears in the device manger and properties says "this device working properly" when I plug in the USB cable that leads to the scanner, Win 98 does not start looking for drivers, it disables the USB "hub" and the properties box displays the follwing message; "due to hub transfer request failures, a hub has been disabled. Check your computers cabling and devices and restart your computer."

The scanner worked fine on my Dell at home, I tested the cable with a multitester for shorts and it's fine.

The USB hub is sharing an IRQ with the video display adapter, it says there is no conflict, and Win 98 won't let me reset the IRQ's.
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mleibowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Many device drivers in Windows do not properly respond to IRQs and therefore cannot share an IRQ.  Since you say that you can't move your USB IRQ, then move the video adapter's IRQ.

Also, many motherboards don't have proper Plug and Play resource settings for the motherboard and will assign bogus resources to a device.  You should click on "Set Manual Configuration" if the button is available on the property page for your device in the device manager, and move the IRQ to a different location.

Also, many motherboards BIOSES assign the USB irq.  You might be able to switch the USB IRQ using your system BIOS.

Good Luck,

   --Mike Leibow
Consider the possibility that you have a bad hub or port on the hub.  That's what it looks like from your description.
To my knowledge you cannot share IRQ's with other devices... each one has to have it's own individual IRQ..... even though windows does not report a conflict it does not always report correctly. I would try reinstalling the hub to it's own IRQ
The whole PCI architecture on the computer is designed so that resources like IRQs can be shared.  As a practical matter, if you look in almost any Device Manager in any PC, you'll find shared IRQs.  Also, the USB specs allow for the IRQ to be shared, so I really doubt that has anything to do with your problem.

What processor do you have in your PC?  Check this out just in case this is your situation: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q240/0/75.asp?LNG=ENG&SA=PER.  In order for this Microsoft article to apply to you, you'd need to have an AMD at 350 or higher and a Via technologies USB chipset.
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