Using J++ to make ActiveX control or other com interfaces.

I recently contracted to port a mathematical algorithm from C++ to java. A wrapper application implemented in C++ (using MFC) exists for testing the C++ version of the algorithm. There is no desire to port the wrapper application, only the algorithm.

The mission:
After rewriting the algorithm in java, I would like the new java code to be integrated with the old wrapper application so it may be verified to function identically.

The strategy:
I think I should use Visual J++ to build a COM interface for the new java code. That would simplify the integration of new java code with existing mfc wrapper application for testing.

1) What flavor COM interface is best? (ActiveX control? Automation Server? Other?)
2) How do I build the COM interface to the new java classes?
3) How do I access the COM interface from the wrapper application in Visual C++?

If you know of a clear, complete, concise tutorial on this topic, that might be ideal.

Otherwise, please try to be as specific as possible in describing the steps to complete this task.

I currently use Visual C++ 5.0 and Visual J++ 1.1.

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djelescuAuthor Commented:
Very helpful. Thanks.
also look

Using COM Objects in Java /pg_javacom.htm
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