dbm write fails from cgi.

Using Perl on Rehat 6.1, I've made a dbm file template which I can work with through the standard dbmopen command.  If I use the same functions through CGI, however, I get an error "store returned -1, error number 13".

For Example

dbmopen(%template, "/path/template", 0666) || die;
print $template{"foo"}; #returns value in both cases
$template{"foo"} = "bar"; #fails if performed as a cgi script

Any ideas why this should happen?
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Not really sure but as soon as you talk abouit a difference between command line and browser there is the issue of permissions.  Remeber that when you run a perl script from the command line it inherits the permissions of the user running it but when you run it from a browser it takes the permission of a predefined user which is set in your server configuration. Try runnig this script from both the command line and your browser to see the difference in user.


print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";

print "Effective User is: $>\n";

print "Real User is: $<\n";
If this works from the command line and not from CGI, the user that the web server runs CGIs as doesn't have permission to open the file.

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BoBAuthor Commented:
mode 0666 should give everyone rw access to the file.  That should easily cover the server user unless I need to allow execute access as well.
if your dbm file is owned by root and the permissions aren't set for others to read it, mode 0666 for dbm won't mean a thing-the cgi will not open the file.
BoBAuthor Commented:
You're right, I'm wrong.  Seems that's typical for beginner programmers. :)  Thanks guadalupe for your input.
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