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Thanks to a precious expert I am able to get into WIN98 when my computer boots up.  But, I would like to know how to set up my computer to give me the option between linux and win98 instead of it trying to go straight into linux.  Once i am in win or linux how do I switch between the two?

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edicomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well I assume you re using lilo as a boot loader and if you want to avoid it running straight into linux you ve to press tab and type something so that it boots windows instead of linux, the thing is that there s a delay defined in the lilo configuration file, when this delay is expired it boots the first entry it has (linux in your case) or the default entry if one s speecified.
To have it wait for your selection, you have to:
1. log as root under linux
2. edit the /etc/lilo.conf In that file, suppress the delay definition if there s one. Also if there s a timeout definition, suppress it, and add a prompt entry (if there s none) before the image entries.
3. once you ve modified the /etc/lilo.conf file, run /sbin/lilo
4. if there s no error message (there shouldn t), you can reboot your machine (#reboot).
when the machine boots it should print LILO on screen and wait forever for you to specify which system you want to boot. (you can list the names of the entries by pressing TAB, when it waits). But it won t try to boot one system after some time.

Regarding switching from one system to another, is a matter of rebooting your machine (restart in windows, reboot command in Linux), and then when it reboots choosing the entry for the other system. You can t have both system running at the same time and switching without rebooting (except if you run vmware virtual machine which let s you execute many system concurently, but that s not standard configuration, plus if you run windows in linux using this software, don t expect to be able to play 3D games, especially if you don t have lots of RAM, fast processor... More info on this software on
BadelicaAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shana :)
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