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I have built an ActiveX control with a FileName property in which the user assigns a string value specifying the name of a file. I would like for my users to be able to browse for (and select) the file through a dialog box from the VB properties window similar to the way a FileName is selected for the RichTextBox control. How can I do this?
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This article shows how to add a font property, and can be modified to do the same for a filename property.  

"HOWTO: Add a Custom Font Property to a User Control"

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Can't be achieved in VB. The best thing you can achieve is to make the property a Friend property and then expose it through a property page.
STKeithAuthor Commented:
Thanks Erick37. That was just what I was looking for.
Glad Erick's suggestion worked for you. In VB it's always best to be flexible and not to insist on doing things one particular way. In this case, using a property page is the way to go, as indeed it says in Erick's article.

Just check my comment: if you make the property a Friend property (instead of a Public one) the user will *only* be able to change the property via the property page. If you make it a public property, the user could still enter rubbish in the normal property window. Which approach you take depends on how critical this is to the control, I suppose.

Good luck

STKeithAuthor Commented:
Thanks Pino, I'll give it a try.

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