Errors on Load

I got some errors on loading my VB project.  VB told me to look at frmprocess.log file.   Here is the frmprocess.log

Line 17: Class MSComctlLib.ProgressBar of control ProgressBar1 was not a loaded control class.
Line 23: The property name _ExtentX in ProgressBar1 is invalid.
Line 24: The property name _ExtentY in ProgressBar1 is invalid.
Line 25: The property name _Version in ProgressBar1 is invalid.

How can I fix this....what does this mean???  Does it mean that the MSComctLib is corrupt???
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samopalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To fix this problem
1) Create form tmpForm with progressbar and save it
2)Open file tmpForm.frm AS TEXT FILE and copy the string with MSCommCtl (it looks like Object = "{.....}...
3)Open frmprocess.frm AS TEXT FILE and replace the string with MSCommCtl

May be, comctl32.ocx was owerwriten by some program to older version that you have used in your project? Try to copy Comctl32.ocx suitable to your version of VB into Windows system folder and register him with regsvr32.
Be sure you have mscom.. as a loaded component (Project | Components)
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