how to display a message TEMPORARILY?


I am a new user of VBA with Access and I have searched high and low to find out how to accomplish the following:

How do you display a message on the screen TEMPORARILY such that no user intervention is required?

I would like to count input records, display the counter as the records are read (without having to click "OK" each time a record is read); then have the box disappear after the last record is read.  Better yet, pause for 2 seconds then disappear.  An example is when you print a document, a box appears counting pages, then disappears.

Thanks for any help.

Nick Maddocks
Modesto, CA
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Create a form with a couple of labels on it, update the labels as you process, then close the form when you are complete...


Jay is right.  There is no built-in function in Access for a timed messagebox.  You might be able to cobble something together with VBScript (I seem to remember seeing an example) but a form would be quick and easy.

If it is something you're going to use over and over, you could create a generic solution to use over and over.

I think wesley & jay are correct, Do you want the code

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A method that I use is to is setup the counter and then while you are in the loop increment it time.

what you do is send the counter to a textbox or label as the lads said above, refresh the label after every loop.

It may look as follows

Dim Counter as integer

'setup your recordset.

 while not rs.eof
      rs!ID = txtagent
      Counter = Counter + 1
      txtCounter = Counter
   txtCounter.visible = false

Hope it helps


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Jay has got it right.
Nick_MaddocksAuthor Commented:
Thank you Aidan.  I'm on my way to solving the problem.

glad to be of help


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