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I am leaving my present company and I have three computers that I currently use.  I wish to erase completely and permantently any data on them and leave them with a fresh builds of Win98 and in another case NT workstation.  Can someone please outline the best procedures to "wipe clean" and fresh start?  
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
create a boot disk from control panel | add/remove programs | start up disk

1) at a dos prompt, type:  fdisk  and hit enter
2) at the main menu hit 3 and enter
3) then, at the next menu 1 and enter to delete the primary DOS partition and follow the remaining prompts
**** if there are multiple drives or partitions on the system, you will need to repeat this for each ****
4)  after all partitions are deleted, hit 1 and enter at the main menu
5)  then hit 1 and enter again to create a primary DOS partition
6)  follow the remaining prompts
7)  restart to the boot disk
8)  at the dos prompt, type format c:  and hit enter
9)  after the format is ocmplete, restart the computer to the boot disk again
10)  type d: and hit enter ( where D is your cd-rom drive )
11)  with the 98/NT installation cd inserted, type setup and hit enter.

there ya go.
Talk to your MIS/computer guys.
mmedwidAuthor Commented:
Just what the doctor ordered.  Thanks.
glad I could help!!!
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