Sound card problem

I have recently installed SuSE Linux 6.3. I have a SoundBlaster 16 soundcard and can not get it to work. The salesman at the place where I bought Linux said I had to recompile the kernel. Is there any other way of getting sound?
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This all depends on how the kernel was set-up to begin with.
If there are some sound modules laying around in /lib/modules/"your kernel version"/sound/* you can use insmod to load them into the kernel, and give them parameters about your SoundCard.  But, the easiest approach for a SB16 is to hardcode it into the kernel.  These were the configurations I used to get my SB16 to work for the 2.2.14 kernel.


I didn't have to use isapnptools to get it to work either.  But, this depends, some SB16 cards may need to use isapnptools in order to work.  Read Sound-HOWTO for more information.

So, yes, your best bet is to recompile the kernel, but look for these modules first, and if they exist try insmod.  I grabbed this documentation you need to do this from the kernel sources in the ./Documentation/sound directory:


modprobe sound
insmod uart401
insmod sb ...

This loads the driver for the Sound Blaster and assorted clones. Cards that
are covered by other drivers should not be using this driver.

The Sound Blaster module takes the following arguments

io            I/O address of the Sound Blaster chip (0x220,0x240,0x260,0x280)
irq            IRQ of the Sound Blaster chip (5,7,9,10)
dma           8-bit DMA channel for the Sound Blaster (0,1,3)
dma16         16-bit DMA channel for SB16 and equivalent cards (5,6,7)
mpu_io            I/O for MPU chip if present (0x300,0x330)

mad16=1       Set when loading this as part of the MAD16 setup only
trix=1        Set when loading this as part of the Audiotrix setup only
pas2=1            Set when loading this as part of the Pas2 setup only
sm_games=1      Set if you have a Logitech soundman games
acer=1            Set this to detect cards in some ACER notebooks
mwave_bug=1      Set if you are trying to use this driver with mwave (see on)

You may well want to load the opl3 driver for synth music on most SB and
clone SB devices

insmod opl3 io=0x388

Using Mwave

To make this driver work with Mwave you must set mwave_bug. You also need
to warm boot from DOS/Windows with the required firmware loaded under this
OS. IBM are being difficult about documenting how to load this firmware.

Avance Logic ALS007

This card is supported; see the separate file ALS007 for full details.

Avance Logic ALS100

This card is supported; setup should be as for a standard Sound Blaster 16.
The driver will identify the audio device as a "Sound Blaster 16 (ALS-100)".


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Go to and download the driver package you need. Extract the files and as root type ./oss-install in the directory you extracted into. Follow the directions on the screen and by the end of the installation you'll have sound.

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