Set Netscape as Default Browswe in Exchange

We are running NT 4.0  SP5 and Exchange 5.0
When in Exchange and click on a web link IE5.0 opens.  We want Netscape 4.0.8 to open instead.

I've tried the procedure at

which states to de-select IE5 option to check to see whether it is the default browser
go to prefs.js and edit.

I've done so and now when I start Netscape it asks me if I want to make it the default browser.  I say yes.
I then go to exchange and click on a web link in a message.  IE5.0 still starts up instead of Netscape.  Help!
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Well here is the problem, you are in a Microsoft program and you click on a link to open a browser, the Microsoft program doesn't care what your default is, it will still open up the Microsoft IE. The Microsoft programs aren't the only ones that will open IE even if you have Netscape set as default. They have it setup to look for IE only and sometime will even say it cannot find a browser if you have uninstalled IE.

Maybe that is part of why Microsoft is in court??
A workaround is to use copy and paste the link in Netscape.
A poor way to do this but if you really must use Netscape then that works.
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