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I have a Rockwell modem and don't have a driver where can i find one it's a 28.8 .
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will have to find out who manufacturered your rockwell modem i.e. if A-open pc then probably A-Open made it if it is USrobotics modem then USrobotics basically whoever made your pc

this site has tons of drivers for modems

assuming your using win 95 or win 98 and have PNP type motherboard go into your device manager and delete the modem then let windows reinstall it.... this should fix the problem if you cannto find the exact driver
or you may be able to find one through deleting the modem from device manager
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Can you find a FCC ID# on the modem. Obviously if it has a Rockwell chip it isn't a USR modem. To find the driver you need to ID the manufacturer of it. Have you tried to install it through Add New Hardware as Standard Modem?
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