Stray icon in control panel

I picked up an erroneous icon in my Control Panel while I was running WIN95.  I thought upgrading to WIN98 would eliminate the icon, but it's still there after I upgraded to 98.  The icon is a display monitor with no title underneath.  There are no 'properties' associated with this icon.  I simply want to delete it and cannot find a way.  Any advice on how to delete this stray icon?
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, each icon in your control panel has a .cpl file associated with it so do a find files for *.cpl.  This will display all the files.  You will need to figure out which one is the culprit and rename it to ****.old.  I would guess since there's no name for it, the file might look like _______.cpl wher the _ is a space.
P.S. the *.cpl files are either in your c:\windows\system or c:\windows directory.
zewlAuthor Commented:
Thanks 1cell.  I found the .cpl culprit and renamed to .old.  The stray icon is no longer appearing.  I appreciate your quick reply.  Zewl
glad I oculd help

tyoung, these files can also be found in c:\windows\system32
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