To Lan or not to LAN that's the question:

I just want to know how to estabilish a connection to another computer on a lan using sockets. Thank you
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chengjianConnect With a Mentor Commented: can uncheck 'auto-dial' option.
or should adjust your network configuration. specify a wins/dns server or use a hosts/lmhosts file instead of using a direct broadcast to find a computer.
it's not the matter of delphi.
RaisehellAuthor Commented:
On a computer with two kind of connections, one for internet and one for lan, when I try to create a connection to another computer on lan immediatly starts the remote access mask for internet connection, and I can't estabilish the connection I need.
look in the demos/internet folder of delphi3/4
there is a chat demo which works on LAN and internet also
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Or look here for some really good free winSock components (with full sources and demos):

Regards, Madshi.
works for me
those components are not very good.. fpiette's pack is the best option for delphi. I have experienced with both, and I got better results with fpiette, f.e. to connect with delphi standard comps. it takes a few seconds.. with fpiette's it's instantaneous.
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