Starting a GUI after login

How do I start GNOME or KDE or Xwindow?
(and please clarify, where am I logged into if not X, KDE or GNOME)

I am usimg "the complete linux 6.0"
I installed everything and start-up parameters are default.
I logged in as user guest.
I try to start gnome with "gnome-sesion"
and I get "Gtk warning **: cannot open display"
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ricksonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what tmmips and bughead1 say is a possible problem.
by the way have u having a problem with the installation at that time. and about the graphic card is it support?
if u want to choose the windows(kde or gnome or windows maker or others) u can go to the windows maker(something that wrote windows)just choose so it will let u start by using that windows. the use for starting with text is for configuring, in case there is a problem with hardware setting)
rhikAuthor Commented:
whats with this point system,
keeping questions down or tracking users?
If you are at a text command line, try the command:


That may get you started...
First login as root and create a user account for your self...Then logoff and login as that user...Guest does not have access to most thing in a standard setup....Then try startx if it fails you then need to configure Xwindows for your system...Run XF86config as root to configure it...
rhikAuthor Commented:
Thankyou and good answer.
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