Refreshing VB 6 Datareports

how do i refresh data on vb6's datareports?

what i'm currently working on is running a search program and dumping the result in vb's datareport.  it works first time i run it.  but if i search again and preview the results, the data aren't updated.  it's still showing the previous results eventhough the tables in Access (where i'm getting the data for my report) are updated.

please help.  i'm also having problems with the landscape mode.
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FalkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe you should print it directly!

There are two option:

without print-preview

printer ......

or with print-preview....

then you have to use OCX ......

recommed from Waty Thierry at

look at it..... (The datareport) is not as good as directly printout...
(in my opinion) and you need only few more lines.... (maybe 20-40)

Need specify help? Tell me...
jvalenciaAuthor Commented:
I tried printing it directly, but i'm still getting the previous search data.

I can't also get into the site you posted.  
To print landscape:
Use the PAGESET.DLL, available at (enter pageset.dll in the search box).
To refresh the DataReport: Close and Re-Open the dataset. I know, it should work without doing this but.....
Want to know more about the bugs in datareport ? let me know!
Sorry for my false link.

It's on:

If it doesn't work... I will send you prveview (and the html file) which is on this site....


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