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editing photos

Which would be better for retouching, altering, and other changes in photographs, Photodelux or Photoshop LE?
Or some other program?
1 Solution
i think actually it depends of what kind of editing do u want to use. if u want to put an effect such as blur , glow and others photoshop is the best user friendly.
Mostly, like rickson said, it all depends on what kind of editing you want to do. Personally I rather like Photoshop under Windows, mostly because I've used it longer. But, if you feel like investing a couple gigs of hard drive space, I would recommend installing Linux so as to use GIMP. Being under Linux, it tends to run faster than Windows programs, and it's just outright good, not to mention free (unless you want to convenience of buying a commercial Linux distribution.) Sorry for basically making a Linux plug here, but GIMP is just that good.
wildcatAuthor Commented:
good-but not specific.

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