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Trouble launching prgrams in KDE when connected via PPP

I'm a newbie - When I'm connected to my ISP via KPPP in KDE, I cannot get anything new to launch - no terminal, nothing. Hang-up (but leave kppp open) and everything launches okay. Mandrake 6.1, fresh install using defaults, no system configuration changes made by me. Any ideas, or at least where to look? Thanks
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:-)  I had the same problem.

Here's the link to my post and the reason/cure.  It's a Doh! problem.  Mind you, I still have some work to do, as  I still get a few processes that 'don't ' start.


What happens is that your local IP/hostname is changing when you connect to your ISP. The X server started (on a machine w/out a NIC) on localhost (at, but when ppp came up the machine acquired a different IP and hostname. As a result all programs that you try to launch fail as they appear to be comming from the new IP/hostname, which to the Xserver looks like a remote machine.

A simple way to fix this is to make sure that localhost has permission to access the X server (via xhost +localhost before starting Kppp each time or by creating the file /etc/X0.hosts containing localhost) and setting your DISPLAY env var to be "localhost:0". Make "localhost" be exactly as it is in /etc/hosts, typically you'll see:      localhost
or localhost.localdomain

In the latter case substitute "localhost.localdomain" for "localhost' in the above.
poohsanAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I vaguely remembered something about display and :0 from my days as an engineer with a rs6000, but I've been dumbed down by too many years of using NT.

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