Using of Several languages at the same time

I have Lotus Notes 4.6. And I need to be able to write/read in three languages: English, Finnish and Russian. There is no problems with English, of course. And I can easily use one of two other language together with English. But at the moment I don't know the way, how to use Finnish and Russian together. Is it possible to make it work, or not?

I assume the problem with .cls files, that should be different for these language, and there is no option to use more than one .cls file.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,
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It is Interesting....But

I don't think this is possible.

You can change the regional settings, but It will not change the language totally. For the language support I beleive you should install the OS in that particular language.

If you wan't to have multiple language support, Have 3 seperate machines and software install (for Eng, Rus, Finn)

Good Luck
I would like to know in what way you can't use finnish with english. I would have expected problems with russian, but english and finnish don' t have a different char set.
kirillAuthor Commented:
It's not a problem to have English and Finnish together. And it's also not a problem to have both English and Russian. But I wish to be able to use all of three if it's possible
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I still don't understand, if you are able to use english with russian, in what way can't you use finnish ? What's the difference between english and finnish. Maybe I don't see the point, if so I apologize, but please explain it further.
kirillAuthor Commented:
Difference between English and Finnish is in places of characters in a character set table. Some of Finnish and Russian characters are at the same place in character set table, if Russian .cls files is in use, some of specific finnish letters aren't display correctly, the same situation if Finnish .cls is in use - some of Russian letters doesn't appear correctly.
I am using several languages on my system, by the way, the only solution I found out so far, is to have a batch file to swap the cls files.
(i.e. l_cpwin.cls, l_cpdos.cls, and collstd.cls) for the display.

If your concern is about the dictionnary, then tere is no problem to switch. You can use an agent to have it easier.

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Hi xavier

Could u throw some more light on it, I am not aware of what it is & how it is done...

Kirill Does it work for u ...!

kirillAuthor Commented:
It must work. It's a little bit tricky ay, but it must work. Lotus use .cls files for character sets. For example  for Russian they are l_cp1251.cls, l_cp866cls and collcyr.cls. Different for other languages. These files must be put on place  of  l_cpwin.cls, l_cpdos.cls, and collstd.cls (e.g.  l_cp1251.cls must be renemed and copied onto l_cpwin.cls).

The trick from xavier is to have a batch file, that asks you what language do you need, copies appropriate .cls and then lunch Lotus
That's right Kirill.
Your have 3 files, l_cpwin.cls, l_cpdos.cls and collstd.cls used by notes. you have in the notes directory others *.cls files, which support others codepage. If you swap the files, it's magic.
Hi Xavier & Kirill

Where do u get .cls specifications for other languages, say I am looking for German. Is there any source to find that.

FALLBACK.CLS Finds appropriate fallback characters when a given LMBCS character doesn't exist in a specified character set
L_CP437.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 437 (United States)
L_CP850.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 850 (Multilingual)
L_CP851.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 851 (Greek)
L_CP852.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 852 (Slavic)
L_CP860.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 860 (Portuguese)
L_CP862.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 862 (Hebrew)
L_CP863.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 863 (Canadian-French)
L_CP865.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 865 (Nordic)
L_CP866.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 866
L_CP932.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 932 (Japanese)
L_CP1200.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1200 (Unicode)
L_CP1250.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1250 (ANSI-2)
L_CP1251.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1251 (Cyrillic Windows)
L_CP1252.CLS LMBCS to ANSI standard character set
L_CP1253.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1253 (Greek Windows)
L_CP1254.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1254 (Turkish Windows)
L_CP1255.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1255 (Hebrew Windows)
L_CP1256.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 1256 (Arabic Windows)
L_CP8592.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 8592
L_CP8859.CLS LMBCS for Code Page 8859
L_CPBIG5.CLS LMBCS for Code Page Big 5 (Taiwanese)
L_CPGB.CLS LMBCS for Code Page GB (Chinese PRC)
L_CPKS.CLS LMBCS for Code Page KS (Korean)
L_CPT50.CLS LMBCS for Code Page T50
L_CPWIN.CLS LMBCS to ANSI standard character set
L_DEC.CLS DECTM Multinational to/from LMBCS for use with VAXTM Mail gateway only
L_LICS.CLS LMBCS to Lotus International Character Set (LICS) for ANSI
L_SCR0.CLS LMBCS to Script 0 for Macintosh
L_SCR1.CLS LMBCS to Script 1 for Macintosh
L_T61.CLS LMBCS for Code Page T61
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