Renaming a List View Item

In my namespace extension I have used ListView_EditLabel for renaming an
item. I need help in handling LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT and LVN_ENDLABELEDIT
notifications. What is happening right now is very weird. As soon as I
invoke ListView_EditLabel through my context menu, an edit box opens around
the item's highlighted name but does not display a flashing cursor for
editing the name. Instead it just stays that way for a few seconds and then
the edit box disappears on its own and the item remains unchanged with the
original name. What do I need to do in the two notifications so as to
implement shell's standard renaming procedure?
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nadirkamalAuthor Commented:
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What's about ListView_SetItemText()?
Assume hWin is the handle of the listview control.

To edit,


Make sure that you are not later changing the focus (for example, by SetForegroundWindow(), or by creating a new window).
Once the edit box looses the focus, it cancels the edit operation.

Parent window of hWin must handle WM_NOTIFY message
(use <// or> code if the parent window is a dialog box).

LRESULT ParentWindowProc(HWND hWnd,....)
// or BOOL ParentDialogProc(HWND hDlg,...)

switch(uMsg) {


  if(h->code==LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT) {
      // Return FALSE to allow editing.
      return FALSE;  
      // or SetWindowLong(hDlg,DWL_MSGRESULT,FALSE); return TRUE;
  if(h->code==LVN_ENDLABELEDIT) {
    if(di->item.pszText) {
      // Successful. Return TRUE to accept.
      return TRUE;
      // or SetWindowLong(hDlg,DWL_MSGRESULT,TRUE); return TRUE;
    else {
      // Cancelled. Return value doesn't matter.
      return 0;
      // or return FALSE;
return DefWindowProc(hWnd,...);
// or return FALSE;


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