ScanJet 5P and Paperport v.B - Not enough memory

Quite frequently when I scan, the scanner works fine but then fails when it passes the image to Paperport with a 'Not sufficient memory' error.  It only works once I reboot the system and then use the scanner before any other programs.

Any ideas?
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johlariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to locate Paperport at any computer retailer that sells software.  It is comercially available.  
Sounds like you need more system resources.  Delete temporary files on your hard drive, usually found in c:\windows\temp.  Also, you may want to purchase more RAM.  The prices are back down right now and it never hurts to have more.  Last thing - make sure you have ample disk space.  Either delete unused files or applications from you PC.

When rebooting the computer fixes the error, the problem is almost always resources.

mark_ottawayAuthor Commented:
Hi johlari - thanks for your suggestion.

Resources are almost most certainly the problem, I agree, but the fixes you describe aren't the solution.

I have 128Mb or SDRAM on board and more than 13Gb of spare disk space.

I'm sure the problem must relate to the old software HP ship with this scanner - a 16-bit Paperport that looks like it is written for Win3.1.

No idea what settings to change to give it more resources though.

Is there a better version of Paperport or similar available, I wonder?  (And if so, how do you change the link so that the HP scanner software sends to that new software?)

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