How can I download E-mails from Hotmail sever using Outlook?

I want to read my e-mails form hotmail using outlook express.
i found that hotmail server(HTTP) and URL

but i still get error message while download e-mails from hotmail

what is wrong with my outlook express account setup?

Plz help me to figure out this problem

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bitschConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hotmail won't allow you to retrieve e-mail into your own e-mail program. You can only read it in your browser.

To be able to retrieve the e-mail into your own e-mail program, you need access to a POP3-server.

Most dial-up connections through ISP's come with a free e-mail-address at a POP3-server. If you're connected through a dial-up-connection, you should contact your ISP (AOL, Verio or whatever) and find out about this.

Another alternative is to start using another free e-mail service that WILL allow you to get your e-mail onto your own computer. Yahoo-mail offers this service.

See a list of some of the companies that offer this service at:
byunggunAuthor Commented:
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the New version of Microsoft Office (Outlook) will let you access your Hotmail account from the outlook program, just add a new account and in the add menu select that is a http base acount and it will do it.

Hope this help, remember that Hotmail is part of Microsoft now, they are working together, so you CAN access your account.
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