GNU g++ or other ANSI C++ compliant compilers for win95?

I'd like to know where I can get a free compiler for C++ for a win95 machine. I need a fully ANSI C++ compliant one ...

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sumant032199Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I can suggest you a 32 bit compiler at named as DJGPP. Although it is a DOS development kit, you can download Windows GRX library(3.8 Mb) to build windows programs. It is a longcut I know, If you want you can do.  
> I need a fully ANSI C++ compliant
> one ...

I'm not sure that any C++ compiler is -fully- ANSI compiliant. but you can get gcc (which comes fairly close) from:


totsuboAuthor Commented:
I've looked but can't find a link to a downloadable binaries. Can you supply one? gcc would be the perfect choice of course ...

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The Win32 port of GCC and related tools and information can be reached via:
totsuboAuthor Commented:
The README file says ...

You MUST have Cygwin b20.1 (the "full" distribution) already installed.

Where do I get b20.1?
No you don't, if you look further on the page you'll see a link to the mingw32 version. This will bring you to:

Cygwin and MinGw32

The Cygwin version is freely avavilable and distributed by cygnus ( It falls under the GPL, which ultimately means you can can distribute software build with cygwin gcc as freeware. The Cygwin distibution comes with a special dll for the C runtime library.
The Mingw32 distribution falls under the LPGL, which means you can distribute software built with it under any condition. It uses the crtdll (or msvcrt) dll available on every  windows system.
For more information on this license business:

The mingw32 package I retrieved from the ftp seems complete but you may want to get additional information and manuals from cygwin. It comes with the cygin dll which is only required for some of the tools, not the executable you build (at least, so I am told).

MinGw32 / Gcc 2.8.1

An older (gcc 2.8.1) version is available through

The page also points to some ide's ( These might be usefull but be carefull. I've tried JFE and it screwed up (?) my GCC installation. Make sure you can restore the original, clean gcc installation!

Hope this helps.
For windows, mingw32 seems a better...
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