XT & 386 compatability

Is software written for XT computers compatable with a 386 or 486?

What older software is not compatable with what computer?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe.  An "XT" is most commonly meaning an IBM PC/XT or 100% compatible hardware.  This would be an 8088 based computer with ISA bus expansion and other standard PC hardware on the motherboard.  Since the software can be (and commonly was) written to directly access the hardware on an XT system running DOS, it's entirely possible that there will be incompatibilities between the software and a newer machine.  If it's what is called "well behaved" software that doesn't directly control the video card or other hadrware devices, it's likely that it will continue to work.

In general, 386, 486, and newer computers are mostly compatible with the XT hardware but there are differences.

It would be impossible to give you a list of older software that will not work on a newer system since there is so much out there.  The best approach is to install it and test it to see if it works as expected.
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