Winsock Proxy Client for Mac?

      I trying to find out wheather i can get Winsock Proxy Client for Mac. I have the client software for PC which works fine but need it or something similar to negotiate our Microsoft proxy server with a mac.

make sense? if so any ideas?

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There is no Winsock Proxy client for the MAC. I use MS Proxy server with all of my MAC's and access the Internet through the Proxy server just fine.

You need to configure your TCP/IP applications to use a SOCKS server, port 1080.

Good Luck!
you don´t need something like a client for a proxy-server. All you need is to set up your IE, Navigator, FTP-client etc in the apropriate dialogs.
The Proxy server is just an intermediate station on your way to the internet, which caches and (in case of a firewall) filters all data transmitted. your clients just have to know the address of this station.
giosAuthor Commented:
Ok, i have no problem using the macs for accessing normal open ports like port 80 for web access, the problem i am having is when i'm trying to use applications like ICQ which require several other ports to be open. These ports can be accessed with the proxy client but not without it. The settings cannot be changed because of security concerns.
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If a Windows PC can access ICQ using the Proxy Client then the PORTS are already OPEN.

If ICQ CAN NOT be configured to use a PROXY server, i.e. HTTP proxy or SOCKS proxy then you will NOT be able to run that application.

As an example, AOL Instant Messenger can be configured to use a SOCKS proxy and works just fine on a MAC through MS PROXY server.

Good Luck.

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giosAuthor Commented:
well i've managed to pretty much suss it out. Basically by not specifying a port when i set the proxy. Somehow the proxy seems to sort the port out by itself. If i specify the port then its a no go.

anyway thanks for all your suggestions.


giosAuthor Commented:
thanks for your comments. In the end i think there is just something really screwy with the setup of the proxy.

there shouldn't be any difference between mac and pc but there is. just have to live with it i think.

cheers gios

giosAuthor Commented:
another related problem is getting QT Streaming to work on Mac.
Again the relevant ports are open and i can acess rtsp(real time streaming protcol) streams on pc with the WinSock Proxy Client. The Mac however cannot get the streams. The setups are identical(except for the pc having the proxy client). go figure!

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