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REDHAT 6.5 SendMail 8.9


I have installed sendmail on my linux machine. the machine has these parameters:
Hostname: internet

i create a user toto on this machine to receive the mail.

I use outlook mail from my pc to send a mail.
when i send a mail to toto@internet.cku.com it's work fine
but when i send a mail to toto@cku.com it's not work.
how i configure my sendmail in order to use the second address.?
1 Solution
  First of all, is your machine connected to the internet, or just within you private LAN (with private IP numbers).
  If it is on the internet, consult your ISP (or whomever) is hosting your domain to add an MX entry to point to internet.cku.com.  
  If your Linux box is the only machine in the network (private), you somehow must have a DNS server somewhere, and I assume that you have bind running in the same machine and you PC is pointing to that machine (internet.cku.com - whatever the IP number is), as the DNS server.  Then, in the DNS database (normally /var/named/named.hosts), and an entry

cku.com.  IN MX 10 internet.cku.com.

and you should configure you sendmail.cf to have a line

Cwlocalhost internet.cku.com cku.com

I hope this help.  Or maybe you might want to take a look at http://www.isc.org/bind and http://www.sendmail.org for reference.


To use the second form of addressing there has to be an MX record for the domain that looks something like:

cku.com    IN MX  10 internet.cku.com.

Whoever is responsible for DNS records for your domain (your ISP or local DNS admin) will have to add the record.

Next you have to tell sendmail that it's supposed to accept mail for user@cku.com. The "Cw" directive does this and it should look like:

Cw internet.cku.com cku.com

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