display file names in dirs

i have this code that displays the name of all directories below a certain directory but id also like it to print the names of all files with the .txt extension that are below the directory ($dir)

$dir = "/data/local/apache/htdocs/uploads";

opendir DIR,$dir or die "can't open $dir $!";

while( $file=readdir DIR ){
print "file is $file<br>";
print "dirfile is $dir/$file<br>";
next unless -T "$dir/$file";
open FILE,"<$dir/$file" or warn "can't open <$dir/$file $!";
local $/=undef;



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sub scan_dirs($)
      #Make scope relative to sub instance
      my $dir=$_[0];

      #my $nivel = $_[1];

      my (@dirs,@files,@results,$filename,$newdir,$list);

      #Open dir handle

      #Aplicar filtro con grep al readdir
      @dirs=grep {!(/^\./) && -d "$dir/$_"} readdir(dir);      

      #Order alpabeticamente
      @dirs = sort @dirs;


      #Get Files

            @files=grep {!(/^\./) && !(-d "$dir/$_") && (-T "$dir/$_")} readdir(dir);

      #Ordenar Archivos
      @files = sort @files;
      closedir (dir);
      #Foreach Dir (Only if you want recursive)
      for $list(0..$#dirs)
            #Armar dir para proximo paso recursivo del sub

            print "Dir: $newdir\n";
                  #Foreach Dir (Only if you want recursive)

      foreach $file (@files)
            print "File: $file\n";
}#Fin del Sub Scan_Files

This will print out the dirs and files from a starting point and if you uncomment the line:


It will also recurse.

Call the sub by passing it a starting dir like this:


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