Sending pics with vb5

I have made this photo album program with vb5. Everything works great but i would like to be able to send pics to friends while online, using this program to do it. I use the chat program ICQ and i would like to be able to send pics to any person on my buddy list, using my photo album program. Is this possible? If so, how?
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If the photo album uses bitmaps you can store the bitmaps to your harddrive and open the file in binary mode and read byte by byte.. and send it byte by byte to the other user.

There's loads of different code samples for TCP/IP transferring at Just look in the VB section and search for 'chat' that will give you some example codes.
poorboyAuthor Commented:
You dont understand what i'm asking. Lets say i'm talking to my sister on ICQ and she wants a picture of my daughter. I want to be able to go to my photo album program and select the picture requested and click a send button to send it to her. ICQ has a file transfer menu option. Can i tap into that from vb5 to send pictures?
You can program ICQ using some API calls, I have never tried it but you can download the API at

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