Preview file before upload

I want to have a user upload a file from a web page. I know about the file upload process, but is there a way to have the user preview the file (In this case a jpeg, or bmp) before the upload?

This will prevent accident uploads of the wrong information. Due to the size of the files, and dial-up connection, a preview possibility would be the best.
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The first problem you have is the fact that FileSystemObject does not run on the client... if it did, there would be a lot of happy people.

However, knowing that you can pass the name of the file selected with a browse button;


You should be able to pass this value to a script that will open a new viewing window.

<form action=upload.asp>
<input type="submit" name=View value="View..." onClick="poplist(this.form)">

<% If action="view" Then
function poplist(<%=Request.Form(view)=%>){          
       winwidth = 500;
       winheight = 400;  
       winleft   = 50;
       wintop    = 50;

var myoption=form.view.selectedIndex
var theFile = form.view.options[myoption].value;
  , 'test','top=' + wintop + ',left=' + winleft + 'screenX=' + wintop + ',screenY=' + winleft + ',height=' + winheight + ',width=' + winwidth);    

MoMarviAuthor Commented:
Sounds good,

I also came across the file upload control in the micro$oft web publishing sdk. I'll try your script first though since it doesn't need an ActiveEchs download.
Hang on a minute... this won't process a file upload, you still need an external component to process the upload.  Check out for an upload component.

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MoMarviAuthor Commented:
I understand it won't process the upload, I want to be able to view the file before it is uploaded.

I think the script needs some work, I'll come back with what happens.
It does need some work... I wish I had more time for this, it's a good idea.  I did notice one error immediatly;

<input type="submit" name=View value="View" onSubmit="poplist(this.form)">
Try opening the value of the file upload box in a new window for example:


Sub BtnPreview_onclick
select case cstr(right(document.FrmUpload.flUpload.value,4))
      case ".jpg",".gif","jpeg",".htm","html"
      case else
            msgbox "Files of that type cannot be previewed!"
end select
End Sub


<INPUT TYPE=File NAME=flUpload ID=flUpload></INPUT>
<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON NAME=BtnPreview ID=BtnPreview VALUE="Preview"></INPUT>

This means that the post action of your form does not need to change!

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MoMarviAuthor Commented:
This is exactly what I need. Sorry mgfranz, but Flubbadub's answer worked straight out of the box.
Cool, I was able to get the snippet I posted working last night, I like Flubb's code, easily configurable and all VBS.
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